5 Risks of Buying Off the Shelf


Whilst it can be tempting to carry out home improvements as quickly and cheaply as possible, particularly when money is tight and our lives are hectic, but it often leads to regrets that cost even more to rectify. Although it is possible to purchase a set of Bi-fold doors from a catalogue online or instore ready made, and while they can look attractive price wise, there’s many set backs that can, and are likely, to occur.

Limited Choice

The manufacturers that make off the shelf Bi-folds usually only do them in a very limited range of sizes. The reason for this is simple, since all of the leaves and parts are roughly the same size, costs and time is kept to a minimum. However, it’s rendered useless if you already have the opening made or are looking for a replacement door. It’s almost pot lock to find a pre-made opening that’s the same width and height as these stock items, at Your Price Bi-folds all products are bespoke so you can rest assure it’s fitted to your requirements and not the other way around! You may also find the choice of colours offered to you minimal, for the same reason as above, restricting the spectrum of shades available decreases the time spent on each order.

If you have to employ a contractor to make changes to the opening, you need to factor that in to the overall cost of your project when deciding which supplier to go with.


Cheap Materials

In order to be classed as an appropriate opening, bi-fold doors must be made to a certain standard of security and resistance to outdoor elements. Especially in a country like the UK where we experience an assortment of weather conditions, you of course want to feel your investment is covering you 24/7, all year round. Poor materials greatly impact the durability of a door, the smoothness of the running track, and the possibility of getting stuck along the way rather than providing an effortless slide.


No Installation

Purchasing a bi-fold door from a supply only source means, like any other product bought online, it will get delivered on the back of a truck and left on your doorstep; what happens after is your problem. These doors are often marketed as being easy to install, but fail to mention how heavy they are and what special equipment is necessary for their installation. Another factor that frequently gets overlooked is how difficult it can be to get them straight – particularly since most homes don’t have perfectly vertical walls. Without a professional and experienced installer on hand, you might find yourself with a very expensive problem. 


Low Specifications

Amongst the lack of choice catalogue stores have on offer, the specifications are fairly standard, with basic features. These may serve you well if you’re a light user, however if you’re factoring in pets, children or the elderly, you’re going to be lacking some of the best features bespoke bi-fold’s can offer. For example, you might not get the option of child-safe hinges or a non-weathered threshold which creates a seamless transition between rooms, ideal for wheelchair users and preventing children tripping up.    


Zero Customisation

With ready made bi-fold’s you often only receive what the manufacturer chooses to send to you, meaning you can’t control the final look, this includes hinges, gasket and handles. Hidden accessories, such as the locks, may also be of a poorer quality than you’d hope from a set of bi-fold doors, leading you to compromise on security of your property. Origin takes pride in the fact they offer complete customisation on all doors, ensuring your vision comes to life from every angle.



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