Why we’re Origin’s top bi-fold door supplier

High-quality bi-fold doors are an attractive and practical option for your home or that of your customer. Not only do they save space by folding in on themselves, but they also let natural light flood in to make the entire space look brighter and more spacious. One of the most stunning ranges of bi-fold doors currently on the market is the Origin range, which is made from premium-grade aluminium. Here at YPE Windows, we’re delighted to be one of Origin’s top Bi-fold door suppliers in the UK. Let us tell you a bit about these stunning doors.

Origin Bifold essentials - the top supplier for new Origin bi-folding doors

What are Origin bi-fold doors?

Bifold doors open by sliding while their panels fold neatly against the wall. The Origin bi-fold door is a bespoke design that you can tailor to suit your exact specification, with options to change the size and configuration of the door, number of panels, threshold, handle, accessories and colour of the frames (including a dual colour option, if you want), and even whether the doors open inwardly or outwardly. It comes with a 20-year guarantee and is of exceptional quality, with features including a smooth-running free-glide system, finger-safe gasket technology, ultra-slim lightweight aluminium frames and a durable powder coating.

The benefits of Origin bi-fold doors

One of the biggest draws of Origin bi-fold doors is that, when open, they offer homeowners beautiful, unobstructed views of their garden or surrounding areas. And, because the frames are so slim, these views are essentially kept intact even when the doors are closed! The doors are wonderfully for saving space, as the panels fold against the wall and so do not protrude into the room when the doors are open. Essentially, the indoor and outdoor spaces are blended and connected to give the home an extra splash of life and personality.

Another huge benefit of Origin bi-fold doors is that they are so smooth to open and close. The free-glide system makes the doors exceptionally easy to use and a pleasure for the homeowners that operate them! They also come with a low-threshold option so that those who require wheelchair access can enjoy the many benefits of the bi-fold doors as well.

Trust us to install your Origin bi-fold doors

The Origin bi-fold door is made in Britain and distributed throughout the UK via a range of top suppliers. Here at YPE Windows, we are thrilled to be one of these top suppliers. We are a trusted partner and are highly qualified in the installation of Origin’s bi-fold doors.

If you would love to enhance your home in Sussex, Surrey, London, Kent or Guildford with Origin bi-fold doors, contact us at YPE Windows for a free, no-obligation quotation.


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