A fantastic range of bifold and sliding doors in Richmond

Richmond gets a new option for Energy Saving

Your Price Express is extremely happy to bring its new range of doors and windows to Richmond. You must have heard about our famous bi-folding doors from your neighbours or friends. Well let us give you more information on how our doors and windows can be the perfect new installation for your house. For over 25 years, Your Price Express has been proud to serve the people of UK with top quality home installations and fittings. Our latest offering – Origin Bi-Folding Doors, Origin Slimline Sliding Doors and Origin Windows might just be what you have always wanted. Every home owner dreams of having the perfect house décor without compromising on looks and functionality.

Our range of doors and windows are designed to help you achieve that perfect balance. Made from premium grade aluminium and large glass panels, our products are highly durable and weather resistant, on top of that, they will also provide you with great uninterrupted views which you can enjoy with your family. Imagine the perfect evening siesta – enjoying a warm cup of tea with your family, while gazing out of the window. Our doors and windows are designed to make this a possibility. What’s more, they will also save you a lot of heating costs. Our doors and widows provide maximum thermal efficiency. Spend less on heating and save more.

Bespoke, Personalized and Customizable Doors, made just for you

For over 25 years, we have served customers in both residential real estate and commercial real estate. We design our products to be versatile and usable in any scenario. Want to install new doors in your house? We’ve got you covered. Want to spice things up at your shop front with new doors and windows? We’ve got you covered. Whatever your requirement, we design our products to work around them, so you don’t have to compromise and settle for a standard product.

To make you happy and satisfied, we go the extra mile of creating bespoke and personalized products for every customer. Our Bi-folding Doors and Slimline Sliding Doors are built using premium grade Aluminium Frames for extra toughness and durability. The frames are fitted with high quality glass panels for pristine views but that’s not all, you have the complete flexibility to choose the frame colour, the door fittings, security features and a lot more. With over 150+ options to choose from, you can design a product that truly fits in your home and enhances its value.

If you own a large and expansive property, with several rooms, large open spaces, hallways and patios – Origin Bi-Folding doors will be the perfect addition to your home. Our Bi-folding doors come in all sizes and configurations starting at 2 paneled doors and going all the way up to 8 paneled doors. If you seek the meaning of truly luxurious living, get these doors for your house.

Slimline Sliding Doors are perfect for compact and modern houses which have small hallways, several interconnected rooms and often times, a modern lawn or backyard. Our Slimline sliding doors offer the best in class viewing and use experience. They work on our Easy Glide Technology for effortless opening and closing. If connectivity and freeing up space in your house is what you want, Our slimline sliding doors will be the perfect solutions for you. They offer minimal sightlines, are sleek and can fit in even the tiniest of doorways and hallways. You can also add them on your patio to create an extended living room.

Your Price Express delivers only the best products and services

At Your Price Express, your happiness is our goal. In our drive to achieve this goal, we only provide the best in class customer service experience along with the best in market product range.

Our team of experts love interacting with our customers and helping them in finding the right fit for their home. We greatly value your time and investment with us, and because of this, all our products are custom made and installed within 7 days of placing an order. With each product you also get our guarantee of up to 20 years.

Modernise Your home today with Origin Bi-Folding Doors and Origin Slimline Sliding Doors

Interested in learning more about our products? Our team of experts are waiting to assist you in choosing the best fit for your home.

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