Introducing The Origin Single Door

Strong, sleek and secure, the Origin Single Door will add lustre to any home.

The Origin Single Door

When you want a door that works with your existing door and window systems, a bespoke
Origin Single Door offers you a strong, stylish and secure solution.

This door permits easy access, while also allowing plenty of natural light into your home.
This is an ideal addition that gives your home a contemporary look.

Why choose the Origin Single Door?

Made In

Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade


Range Of Panel


150 RAL



Seamless Access

Bespoke aluminium single doors

Origin works with aluminium because it offers the ideal mixture of strength, durability and flexibility.

The metal is one-third the weight of steel but is still remarkably robust and extremely low-maintenance. It does not bend or warp, meaning it will maintain its shape as well as its attractive appearance for years.




Strong, reliable Secure

So is your bay. Indicate the quantity, type and colour scheme of your windows, including their size, the ones you want to open, and the angles between, to create a truly beautiful window which will add an enormous amount of character to your home.

Styles to suit your home

Origin’s aluminium single doors can be ordered with either a single pane of glass or a mid-rail. The latter features an additional piece of aluminium placed horizontally across the door, dividing the panel in two.

Both options let in plenty of natural light and deliver a sleek, contemporary design.




Your colour & finish

The Origin Single Door is available in more than 150 RAL colours, with dual colour and woodgrain options. If you want to match existing doors or windows, the door is custom-made for you.

The premium grade aluminium construction allows us to offer you a high- quality powder coat finish that is guaranteed to impress.

High Quality handles

With a wide selection of classy handles, your door will feel as good as it looks. Origin handles are tested to 50,000 times and are made from aluminium so that they are strong, secure and elegant.

Any handle you choose can be expertly powder-coated in the colour of your choice.