Introducing The Origin Casement Window

Windows bespoke to your exact requirements, and delivered with all the benefits of style and security.

The Origin Casement Window

Casement windows are an excellent way of allowing natural light into your home and
creating a sense of space. Origin Casement Windows are available in
either our OW-70 or OW-80 ranges.

Our OW-70 offers the thinner sightline, which facilitates more glass and better views.
However, the OW-80 can be manufactured in a larger size, up to 7.0 square metres.

Why choose the Origin Casement Window?


Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade

Tight Seals



150 RAL




OW-80 casement

The OW-80 Casement Window comes with an industry-leading internal and external flush casement.

Your windows can be up to 7.0 square metres in area, and you have a variety of options to suit your style, with more than 150 RAL colours and colour-coded gaskets and handles to choose from.




OW-70 casement

The OW-70 offers fewer customisation options than the OW-80 and has a maximum area of 4.8 square metres, but has the advantage of ultra-slim sightlines – just 65mm.

Constructed from premium grade aluminium, it offers the same high level of security and is covered by the industry-leading guarantee of up to 20 years.

Thermal efficiency

A polyamide thermal break built into the frames gives our windows an efficiency that exceeds current building regulations.

Our OW-80 windows use triple glazing and sophisticated Aerogel technology – also used in space suits – to ensure you have a warm home in winter, a cool one in summer… and lower energy bills.




Highly Secure

Every Origin Casement Window comes with peace of mind for you and your family built in. It includes Yale’s renowned Encloser locking system, which offers the highest level of security.

Each window can also be constructed with the highest grade stainless steel hinges as well as hinge guards, locking handles and crimped frames.

Your Colour

Origin windows can be manufactured in more than 150 RAL colours, so you will be able to choose the style that is right for you. If you choose one of our 11 most popular colours, we will be able to deliver them more quickly.

Should you prefer a traditional wood effect, our wood grain options offer a stunning authentic finish.