Introducing The Origin Sliding Door

Smooth, effortlessly stylish and very strong, the Origin Sliding Door is a superb addition to your home.

Aluminium Sliding Patio Doors

When you want a wide-screen view of your world, the Origin Sliding Door
delivers the perfect blend of efficiency and elegance.

The impressively large glass panels, supported by a sleek aluminium profile,
create a minimalist look that is both stunning and practical. All that natural light
will give you an increased sense of space in your home.

Why choose the Origin Sliding Door?


150 RAL

Up To A 20
Year Guarantee

High Grade


Effortless Glide

Highly Secure

Family Safe


Fully Bespoke


Low Threshold

Smooth to slide & effortless to open

This door does not slide, it glides. Its running mechanism is designed to allow the door to open effortlessly.

Built to be as strong as all Origin doors, they can be used with large panels of glass without becoming heavy or difficult to open. You will have a flawless operation that lasts for years.




Fully bespoke sliding doors

Every home is different, which is why our products are bespoke and tailored entirely to your requirements.

Our expert team will advise you on the right size, configuration and colour that work best for you. Every last detail can be customised so that you take delivery of the doors of your dreams.

Discover your colour

With more than 150 RAL colours to choose from, Origin Sliding Doors cater for every taste. Whether you want bright primary shades or deep earthy tones, you will find a colour that works for you.

All our doors are finished with a beautiful, durable powder coating that reduces the risk of fading.




Safe & Secure

Aluminium is a tough metal, but we go the extra mile to ensure our doors offer the highest levels of security. Each door is equipped with an ultra- secure multi-point lock with a minimum of six points of locking.

The frames are structurally connected to the glass, which makes it much more difficult for intruders to breach.

High grade aluminium

Although the Origin Sliding Door is extremely strong and robust, it is also lightweight and user-friendly. This is because only prime pieces of aluminium are used in its construction.

Aluminium is resistant to the elements and will not warp. We offer a guarantee of up to 20 years on the sliding door, and 10 years on the glazing.




Thermal efficency

The Origin Sliding Door is manufactured using low-emissivity glass, which has an invisible coating that reflects heat back into your room.

Our doors feature a polyamide thermal break in the profile, which improves efficiency. That means you will be warm in winter, cool in summer – and your energy bills will be lower.